A Lose Gained


Once a man that had to fight,

Spent all his life at a decent height,

He used his size to scare people away,

While his grandma had loved him every day,

Someone very few wanted around,

Then his grandma went down,

As his family fell with her,

He didn’t fall like any other,

He stayed strong to hold his family up,

He did the dishes to the last cup,

Cleaned all the house,

To keep out the mouse,

Helped start working with his father,

So bills were less the bother,

As he worked he began to realize,

It was his time to rise,

He helped his family come out of the dump,

Then when they were out he began to slump,

During this time he had seen,

  People aren’t exactly how they seem,

He turned a new leaf and started over,

He had to work hard and wished on a clover,

He started a new like the Grinch,

Who gave back to all ever last inch,

Now he works close to excellence,

He may be no prince,

But he’s working even harder,

As he gets even farther,

His young life at an end,

But that’s where it will begin.


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