A poem for the days that you feel so alone

the days you feel lost even when you are home

A poem for nights when your tears pierce your pillow

when your head hangs low like an old weeping willow

I want you to know just how perfect you are

like a sweet summer sky with each glowing star

I want you to know and I want you to feel

that the beauty in books is undoubtedly real

I want you to travel and to witness the world

feel the sand in your toes that cause them to curl

I want you to witness vast oceans and seas

To wander through forests and admire the trees

This world that we have has so much to live for

so I beg you please try just a little bit more

I know you are sad and I can’t soothe the pain

there’s fear in the air and a war in your brain

but I love you again and I beg you to stay

because darling without you I won’t last a day.


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