Dear Perfect Stranger

Dear Perfect Stranger Who’s Trying to Help,

I’m doing the best I can with the tools I have

Just trying to make life go right

In a world that seems all wrong

You’re telling me I’m messing it up

But are you really the one to talk?

We’ve all got our problems

And I’m working through mine

I know I’m far from perfect,

But can’t you let me try?

Just because someone hurts worse

Or someone’s dying alone

Doesn’t make my pain any less

Please, just leave me be

I’m trying to unscramble this thing called life

And endless nagging and yelling isn’t helping me out

Why can’t you just trust me

And let me make mistakes?

I know I’m going to mess up

And, unlike a movie, I don’t get multiple takes

But I’m trying real hard

Why can’t you see that?

Things will work out, I have hope

Don’t you?

Please stop pushing me away

Please stop telling me I can’t

I know it makes things easier for you,

But please let me try this on my own

I’ve got to learn,

I’ve got to grow

And I do it in my own way,

In my own time

I’m doing the very best I can

Each day is a new challenge

Nobody’s perfect

Why do you expect me to be?

I’m just another kid trying to make things work

You were like me once, weren’t you?

Things don’t always go how we plan it

You make friends and they turn away

You find someone and fall in love, but nothing can make it work

You try to go right with the world spinning left

And fall down on your knees

You pray to God to help you

But He doesn’t seem to hear

I know I’ve got issues to deal with

But I have to do it in my own way

You pushing and pulling and prodding

Isn’t going to help me

I know I’m not perfect

But I’m trying to make this work

With a thousand things crashing down around me

It’s hard to make sense of the din

You’re adding to the noise in my head

And it’s making things chaotic

I promise I’m not ignoring you

I hear you the best out of everything

My life feels like a chandelier

That fell and shattered to bits

And it’s hard to pick up the pieces

When you’re telling me I’m doing it wrong

Then you step in and try to take over

And scatter the glass even more

I’ve cut my palm on one of the shards

As I try to sort it out

A superficial wound, but added to everything else,

It feels incapacitating

Please let me try to figure this out

I’m trying so, so hard

Who are you to judge me

When you’re not perfect either?

I don’t expect perfection from you

So why must you ask it of me?

I’m just another ordinary person,

Trying to make this work

I need to do this on my own

And make my own mistakes

You’re living your life

Please let me live mine

With Love,

From the Girl

Who’s Trying Her Best


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