My Dead Lover

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 20:00 -- Mateos

Now I understand the reasons why 

I can't destroy my existence 

Since it is only made up of 

Pure rages and happiness.

He sees the side of me 

No one ever gets to feel.

Manners aren't needed at all

To love ruthless hell.

I am the least palace to

Claim balls of waltzing sunshine.

He sees the melting love that empties 

From a single touch escaped in the 

Small spaces of spared time. 

I slipped for the careless mistakes 

Buried underneath innocent, harmless

Greetings I said to you. 

What am I playing here?

To win my pride over yours?

Aren't you playing it along with me?

Why should I even follow any rules 

To this stupid game

While you break them all. 


I was never satisfied, 

Fed up with common ground,

Too easily caught in the


Hand jammed 

No more blood can spill 

As fast of that rate of 

My heart breaking over 




Coated in honeydew eyes.


Ignoring all the signs is 

Closely to dying from the face of the Earth; 

Something living people fail to do.


Most of my relationships are fake, 

Empty chatter painted through thin walls. 

Cold seats of lost warmth 

Existing only in the coils of reality. 

Together, eyes seep in the tiny 

Openings of a new door

One can't go and close by one push. 








This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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