Everyone has their own walk with grief.


Some package it up and store it away for a rainy day when they can be alone and let it overtake them.


Some push it to the back of their heart where it can’t touch them, and pay for it later when another sadness brings up all old sadness.


Some let it out in rivers of tears that could drown the ocean and seek solace in the arms of loved ones in hopes of mending the pain.


Some become different and removed, a personality shift that stays for a lifetime, never to be the same again.


Some let the grief overtake them and slip into despair. A darkness so deep they sink to the bottom.


Some let it change them, motivate and enlighten them. To make better choices, to be a better person, to see things in a different light.


Some just don’t know how to grieve at all and it threatens to kill them. They are a slave to the pain that they pretend doesn’t exist and nothing in the world will bring them peace in the end.


Some don’t show it on the outside, they are happy and light. On the inside they are dying inside, little pieces of  themselves being chipped away by the sadness in their souls.


With everyone who grieves, there is a singular similarity. It is that every heart bleeds for something, for someone, and every soul changes with every loss or broken heart.


You changed mine and I’m still grieving.



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Annette M Velasquez

Very well expressed... the descriptions and handling of emotion here shows writerly skills. Your poem is clear, straightforward, and true.


Thank you very much

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