Poetry Slam #1


Many different people like lots of different things.

Some like fame or TV

Others like rain when it goes




down on your window.

But me?

I love words.

The spectacular concept that with countless combinations of 26 letters

I can do anything!

I can write a song,

Or say a verse

Then again, 

Words could be worse..

You ever hear a sound that just makes you cringe?

Just one word that makes you unhinge?

For example,

Your day goes great,

You're on top of the town!

Then you hear that word, 

and it comes crumbling down.

Alas, words can be great things too!

String a few in a phrase, and you'll make history!

But who said what?

Now that's a mystery..

A house divided, 

I have a dream.

Their realities

Were splitting seams.

The words they spoke gave people hope

Giving many strength, 

Enough to cope.

Words can make yu laugh,

Or cry.

Who'd use words for that?

Lord knows why!

So ladies and gents, 

as you can see,

I had to confess, 

Words are for me!

They do wonderful things, 

Miracles too!

With a single word, 

Tales are spun true!

They can hurt as well, but you're preaching to the choir.

They hurt if you let them, 

Allow 'em to feed your fire.

Words only have the power you give them,

Words are a tool.

That's why I love them.



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