Burning Bridges

W h o   w o u l d h a v e   t h o u g h t   t h i s   p a s t

How long one man's past would last
It was on his mind
On his mind he would clearly find his thoughts running the wrong way down the line
But he burned the bridges because his intuition said to ignite sins

To watch them burn away to no return

The painful beauty of a clear conscious he would someday learn


The fire of the rising sun that set the pace for a new day had  blazed away the pain as he gave a gaze across the open plains that were his opportunities in disarray

Like wild game he set his sights on the biggest one with his loaded gun but the distance the bullet had to travel had become more elaborate as the landscape that was life began to unravel…


It's hard to say from where he stands...


Where exactly in the distance his bullet lands

Something he realized one night
Is there's only one shot at life
Which path is right
Which path is wrong

These thoughts made his nights seem so long
He hung his head

His patience didn’t pay

He took too long to take a shot

His opportunity had fled

It got away

He tried to chase it but this opportunity wasn't so patient

He wouldn't give up though

He wouldn't face it

He kept on searching

He couldn't embrace it

He suddenly lost the trail

He doubled back

Trying to retrace it

But the dust had set in

A storm was brewing

The sun was setting

The darkness was soon to set in

He tried to get through the night

It would be 3 years until he would see sunlight

Somewhere down that line

He had lost sight

Lost his might

All will to fight the darkness

To live his life

Just as he fell to the ground…

He raised his head and gave one final gaze across the darkened plains…


In the distance were two white eyes staring back so bright

His opportunity approached as the man made his way to his knees

It was a fearsome lion but it invoked no fright  

It helped raise him to his feet

It gave him hope

The sun began rising

It rose to its peak

The lion with it’s golden mane guided him through the plains

Through the desert

Over each sandy slope

Through the mountains

Over each of the ragged stones

Through the swamps

Through the thickest of groves

Passed the marshes

Through the thickest of fogs

It led him through the unknown  


It led him the whole way

It had led him home

He realized that lion once his opportunities

Was now his dreams

He would never again be alone

It led him through life

Who would have known


Now this man is in his older age


Now in this man's present days...


He gives a gaze in the mirror

He sees a lion with a golden mane

He smiled as it smiled back but something changed

He finally asked who the lion was…


I t  s a i d  t h e  m a n's  n a m e


In the end it seems

That man from such a darkened past

Is now living his dreams


L i v i n g  h i s  d r e a m s  a t  l a s t






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