Winter Frost


Why is it that I feel so alone?
Millions of people surround me but I know not of their presence
I am lost in thought and the world is now spinning backwards
My body is numb and rigid
Memories and nostalgia fill my head
Memories of how happy we used to be together
I felt warm and safe in your embrace
I felt that someone needed me in life and I needed them too.
But now you're gone like sand running through my fingers
I'm cold and unprotected, abandoned to fend for myself
You're always on my mind, but I no longer feel important
I no longer feel needed
I care for others, listen to their stories, and help when needed.
Does anyone care for me like you always did?
Who's to say anymore? I certainly can't tell.
I'm numb and the fire in my heart has turned ice cold
When you left me, it was like my heart was being torn
Torn into thousands of pieces
No one has attempted to fix it. No one is able to fix it
Only you have the last piece to this unfinished puzzle
Return it to me so I can come back to life and we can live the life we used to live
When I look around me, everything is in shades of gray
All my friends, all my enemies, all are gray
Why, you may ask?
Because no one has stopped to ask how my life is.
No one has stopped to listen to my complete life story
I have faced prejudice, injustice, and many persecutions
But I don't complain. I take it one day at a time,
But day after day this burden seems to grow
The more I observe, the more I think and know
Am I menacing? Am I scary?
Am I manly like many people tell me?
I may be shy but I'm not unsociable
Why people avoid me that I don't know
Prejudice hurts but that I don't tell
I have no one in fact to tell all these tales.
My trust has been betrayed one time too many
I find that not even my friends are trustworthy
Once you left me, my world came crashing down
You were the only thing that kept my world balanced
For one year and a half you filled me with joy
You were my best friend and I could tell you all
You helped me out in times of need
I in turn returned the deed
You left me devastated, I hope you know
No one can match you, not anyone I know
People have come close, so very close
But something about me just pushed me away
My friends seemed to have it so easy
But that's in the gray world where everyone is giddy
I can't say everyone hates me because I do have friends
But would they take that bullet for me like you?
Only with you I experience emotions I cannot describe
You can make me feel hot, cold and...high?
I love you with all my heart and still do up to this day
That makes it hard to love anyone in any way.
Even if I do like someone that love is in vain
Because there's something about me that makes it rain
I think I know why but I will not say
Am I fat, ugly, or a weird looking Dane?
Please, I need you here to keep me steady
You made me feel beautiful, lovable, and emotionally ready
But without you, I'm as good as lost
On this tundra of loveless winter frost



My favorite poem by far! I understand how it feels to go through something like that and its hard. Hope you pull through and everything's okay.

The Absolute Nightcrawler

Thank you. This just represents one of the many obstacles we have to face in life. Now I try to take it just one day at a time.

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