My Child

My child,
The little comely baby that never stopped growing in me,
Can you endure the life of the other word?
Can you be patient enough to grow old?
My child, my hope,

My child,
The blessing of a mother,
yes, i promise to be a good shepherd leading you to your greener pasture,
I wont spare the rod to save your today and make you regret your tomorrow,
I wont be a ladder to your failure but your success,

My child,
My pride, my tomorrow,
Do not forget your creator in your generation,
Do not forget to dwell in the spirit of his revelation,
Do not forget to lend a helping hand to the needy,

My child,
After all my suffering for you,
When i get to eat the fruit of my womb, i will rest in peace,
I will rest in peace, for i have set a solid foundation for you,
I will rest in peace, for i know you are safe in God, wealth and health,

My child,
My best friend,
This is my message to you,
When i die, let my words reach out to your children, children,
For they will learn, that the love of a mother last forever even after death.

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