My shore

Dark thoughts,

Love not seen,

I just needed to know I was loved.

Deep reflections, 

Like the sea I’m terrified of.


You are the sand,

The sand that comes,

The sand that comforts me. 

You come,

And I reach for you.


The sea eventually lead me to shore,

That’s you.

You helped me, just like always,

You were there for me.

And deep inside,

I know you’re hurting,

I just hope one day I can be your sand.


I want to be your savior,

To thank you.

I never could thank you enough,

You were there for me when no one else was.

You were there to help me.

I could never thank you enough for just being there for me.



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I like this poem a lot of people can identify themselves with this Poem.

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