He Will Be Beside Me

When I was a child I tried to live in a dome,

I couldn’t fathom the convoluted questions of life,

I placed myself inside a pretty pink bubble,

Where only happiness, peace, and butterflies live,

Death was just something one saw on television.


Growing up I have,

Encountered tragedies,

Consoled loved ones,

Exposed my weaknesses,

Stepped out of my bubble.


I needed to understand,

Where he went,

If my sweet talk was true,

If he is really up above,

Watching over us?


Growing up has made me stronger,

I am capable of being the shoulder to cry on,

I am capable of accepting bad things will happen,

I am capable of expanding my beliefs,

I am capable of knowing as I continue to grow,

He will be beside me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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