This wasteland as you can see 

Was founded just for you and me. 

Can’t you tell? 

Over there! by that empty wishing well,

Is our dreams.

In endless quantities it seems.

"Watch out!"

Those things are all just laying about.

"What are they?"

You say.

Edges of broken dreams, and hopes

Pieces of unuseful  ropes.

Puddles of tears shed

And rivers of blood, bled.

Clouds never leave,

And the rain seems to weave

Together this wasteland.

Like the hope that brought together the band

But the thunder

Is that tiny blunder,

That tore the dream, and broke

The heart of that poor little bloke.

This place, as I’ve explained 

Is where all unhappiness has drained.

Broken dreams, shattered hopes and lost souls, 

Haunt this place like trapped ghouls.


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