Am I the Diamond in The Rough??


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United States

My life is a book full of adventure and disappointment,

I as myself everyday, "Am I The Diamond in The Rough?"

Looking back on my past. It shows itself like a pimple that needs a ointment, 

I still ask myself, "Am I the Diamond in The Rough?"

Dipping and diving from bullies trying not to set an appointment,

I get tounted and beat on thinking that life is tough.

Decision making and aspration being taken,

Never asking twice about my destination.

I scream and I shout, 

Asking God for a way out.

All I hear is silence, 

wondering why I'm in the darkness.

Depression is weighted and taken very highly.

I need to be fixed as if I'm singing, "Oh Oh Oh , O' rileyyy.?

But still the Question stands, "Am I the Diamond in the Rough?"

Singing is my passion, 

And living is a fashion.

School is so livid, 

if music is never acting.

Stress is powerful it almost killed me twice,

but as a living book, the author must think twice.

Technology is everyday, in our kids hands,

but do we every wonder what can deliever those hands.

My hands and mind been damaged too many times,

but the one person I call myself as times.

Pennies, nickels, and dimes,

were all I could think of the help make up this rhyme.

The lifestyle I chose was not the best idea,

somehow I love it and despise it so I tear.

I am not going to tell you what it is, 

But just know that God hate it dear.

I feel free and vivid, 

Never feeling like this with someone before.

But God sees it differently, 

Making sure my blessing is not awarded.

I try hard in school and in life,

But its stressful to let go of this life.

I think about suicide one day out the year,

Hearing my grandmother saying, "Oh Dear."

In the tears that comes down my face,

You  see hurt, pain, stress, and strain. 

My eyes bleed from every once and awhile, 

But no one is there to help me strive.

I ask this question day in and day out,

hoping to find the answer somewhere within. 

The question I ask is what we all can ask,

"Am I The Diamond in The Rough?"

Or "Am I The Black Diamond That Is Full of Stuff?"



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