One More Day

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 20:43 -- xcleob

Breaking as you hit the concrete ground

Cause no one to catch you was around

In tired tears you tried to drown

On broken shards you lay

You cut yourself to make those feelings stray

But the demons inside stay


At night you rest your head

Not caring if you wake up dead

Holding on by just a thread

You haven't been okay

Any day

You felt this way


350 million victims suffer too

Each year 400,000 lives are risked

Still they say it's no big deal

Treat it like it's no big deal

So you tell yourself you're fine

Nobody who is ever fine

See's the world just like you do

When you read the word believe

All you see is lie and that's not ever fine

People say it's just a part of life

Treat it like it's just a part of life

That's the goddamn lie


Since when is feeling worthless part of life

Wishing for death instead of a wife

The voices inside when you see a knife

Praying that you don't exist

Thinking if you left you wouldn't be missed

Scars marked on your body and wrists

The god damn blades that cut those lines

Your dark world a place without a sun that shines

Less stable than rope bridge designs

The constant feel of stress

With something others would call less

You're suddenly a mess


Sixty seconds per each minute

Sixty minutes in an hour

The twenty four hours in a day

Seven days create a week

Four of those in one month

Twelve months marks a year

No one deserves to feel

That if they took their life

Not a single person would notice

Nobody would care

But that's the way you feel

But you're not alone

People are there to listen to you

If you let them

Please don't go away

Promise me you'll hold on

Just one more goddamn day


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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