This is what life really is

Not all fairy tales and roses

I'm putting down my walls,

So you can get a sense of some truth

So you can accept it

Reflecting on the days that I had it easy

Living life, like a boss, forever 

Easy peasy 

Lemon squeezy

Like a bowl of lemonade

Little did I know amongst the yellow hid the grey 


And if I-

Could turn back time

Like it-

Were yesterday 

Say take it slow

You never know 

What is-

Beyond the road


All your laughs now

As if it were the last sound

Of pure happiness


Look where I am now


Mama strugglin' with the pain of keepin' sane...

Losing her own mind 

Day 'n' day

Trying to break the chain

Meanwhile, time is laughing

Telling me I'm trash

Try to hold back self-piety 

In the midst of acting rash 

While balancing education


But where are my aspirations

When turning around to chase 'em

I lost them in the process of reality

So here I am 

Telling them 

Not to glamorize me



This poem is about: 
My family
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