Haitian New Year's Yellow Squash Joumou Soup

Bon appétit to all my fellow Haitians and friends,
Who will be drinking, sipping, savoring soup joumou,
Which is made of squash, neck bones, macaroni, oxtails,
Carrots, yams, celery, parsley, and countless vegetables.

This is a powerful, yet historical soup,
With a strong message. This tradition
Started after the Battle of Vertières,
When the Haitian Army defeated the French.

Haiti fought and won its Independence,
On January 1st.1804 in Gonaives, Haiti,
And became the first Black Republic
In the world. Believe me, this is amazing.

Giraumon Soup symbolizes Respect, Freedom,
Independence, Peace, Equality and Liberty. It stands
Against slavery, bigotry, racism, unfairness, injustice,
White supremacy, nepotism, inequality and prejudice.

Our Haitian ancestors could not consume such a delicacy
Before, where only the Colonists, the Affranchis
Or the Freedmen could enjoy. The defeat of Gen. Rochambeau
By General J.J.Dessalines had changed the entire scenario.

Please join all Haitians throughout the world by drinking,
Eating and savoring 'soup joumou', the Haitian squash soup,
On the first day of every year. Celebrate in memories of strong men,
And women who fought for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Please read the history of the mysterious island of Haiti,
To enhance your knowledge of the world's history.
The Haitian People, in spite of constant internal fights,
Are strong, resilient, friendly, funny and intelligent.

Copyright © December 2016 Logerie Hébert, All Rights Reserved
Hebert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.


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My family
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My country
Our world


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