" The Man"

  The man who you are suppose to be able to trust and love turns out to be the one you have to look out for the most.

The man who was suppose to love you and never hurt you turns out to be the one who can't be trusted.

The man who made that little girl cry but that little girl still loved him. 

The man that never worried about that little girl, but that little girl worried about him each and everday.

The man does'nt care and doesn't realise who he is hurting.  

She cries wishing he will change, but deep in her heart she knows he ever will. 

She cries wishing she had a father that would care for her and it kills her deep inside to know she will never recieve that love from her father as she does for him.

The words he once spoke shot her like a stray bullet in her heart leaving her numb with pain. 

She keeps hearing his hurtful replaying in her mind how he doesn't give a flying fuck about this little girl or keeps saying that she's gonna die becuase of some illness that he knows nothing about.

The words he spoke are forever imprinted in her mind. 

The man who was suppose to shield her from experincing heart break and pain turns out she needs shielding from him. 

That little girl doesn't know why she keeps forgiving him even until now that she's all grown up.  

Her heart stills loves him when her mind wants to despise him.

Always forgiving him when he apologizes when she knows she should never forgive him.

Maybe it's becuase deep down inside she still believes that man will change and love her be a better father.

Eventhough she knows the reality that man could never be trusted. Like they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but she refuses to live her life fatherless.



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