These work weeks add up

These work weeks add up quickly and another year flies by as if my time committed treason, and as soon as I say hi I say by to every weekend, am I evolving or dissolving, if a digital check is my only reason, I know bills run on cycles and holidays influence spending so they promote them every season. But nowadays a twenty don’t buy plenty when starch and proteins need a complementary veggie, pricing other items in the aisle, but I must avoid the selling psychology of the store attendee, giving free samples to ensure my shopping cart is less likely to be empty,  every swipe at the counter takes a pound, am I foolish for not using that ugly coupon that could have saved my pockets a pretty penny? Work then pay, then pay to play, just to work, eat and sleep, but never set aside time to work on how to pray. This cycle is vicious, a reoccurring nightmare, but its not fictitious, the rich emerge the victors, then change the rules of the game. Impoverished of truth, an army well trained for HR to recruit, pay first for school then compete for work in a suit, white button down shirt, is that a designer tie or a redesigned noose? pay taxes and fares, get to work or get the boot, and you best be on time, because time is money, no, no, because my time is their money,  but this whole work week, I worked while spiritually weak, conforming to the mission of a logo on the flag of a kingdom of titles, a world inside the world without God but all of the sins and those desiring to be idols, my time was lost again. Another year flying by as if my time committed treason, running away, dreams, fading to grey, but is it really time committing treason or me betraying myself, time, it stayed the same, maybe its me that needs to change.

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