Babies feels his mothers pain


The firecy fire building up in the inter of my knowldege

doors shut but windows open

open just enough to hear the contain drops of liqued on the solid ground

Who am I?


Pressing my fingers against the soft surface

using it as a handy tool to comfort the atmosphere

knowing that my job is done

when that overcoming feeling of skittles falling from the rainbow

appears in th middle of my stomach.

Who am I?


Rumbly tumbly sounds coming from every life line

knowing that its dinner time

imaging the taste of the sweetness of dew

droping on the tip of my tough and satisfing the hunger pains that comes and goes.

Who am I?


I am a infant, a baby, or maybe even a child

Who's born into a world to comfort

really i'm the one who's going to need the support because I am the one whose a fatheless child

lines of words came thru my ear about my abusive dead beat dad

whos hit and beat evey minute he has a chance
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My favorite part of this poem was when the author wrote "doors shut but windows open", that little part open up my understanding to understand where the the author was coming from.

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