What the hell is wrong with these people
Treating others way less than equal
We have to fix this now
Cause this isn't a movie
And there won't be a sequel
An ignorant mind is feeble 
Real education is what we need now
Look at your self and don't ask me how to change
It obvious, plain, and simple
While we sit 
And fight over little shit
We miss all the evil going on around us
It not them that's killing us
It's us that's killing us
We buy guns and bust on our own people 
Selling drugs instead of trying to be legal
Yeah I know it's hard
But we risk our life just to end up shot
Or trapped behind bars
Fighting meaningless wars
Using lies and detours
To cover up their scams and battle scars
It's no wonder why religious people think the end isn't far
I'm tired of hearing reach for the stars
When in reality our reach isn't far
We are lost in the dark
Dreaming of money and cars
But they cut us off if we have too much power


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