Ive been MIA for days

and when i came back

i got knocked sideways

i had to follow they're rules for days

so i left

and when i came back again

everything was a haze

so i got up took a left

and got knoked down on my ass

cause i ran into a dope fiend from the past

i looked em in the eye

and screamed hell

cause it was all me skin and bones

my eyes so sunken in

 it looks like a bottomless pit

but how could that be

i thought i left the old me

my past me opens its mouth and speaks

why you running?

you know the past was coming back

now give me some money so i can feed this addiction

what has become of me

look at me

moving like a mindless zombie

going from street to street

hustlng people for a quarter

they're scared of me cause of the way i look

skin so thin looks like a pen

hair brittle as fuck

hands shaking so bad that i cant stop

im beyond repair

but once again i think

how could this be

i swear i left the old me

so this cant be it must all be a dream

you know your past was bound to return

my old me says again

with sweat forming

and hunger in my eyes

addicted to skittles!


yes skittles

they are my weakness

my disease

so dont touch me please

i begeth thee

Ha-Ha i must be psychotic

cause look at me

im down on my knees

asking for a quarter and saying please

but how can this be

i swear i left the old me

you have a quarter

oh no its coming back

i know you have a quarter

please don't give it to me

help me with this addiction

cause i won't let it get the best of me



my weakness

my disease

eating me from the inside out

but don't worry

ima fight this infectious disease

before it gets the best of me





Nice, well I need to go buy some skittles. *walks to 7/11*

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