life change


I need a job that could change whole life
And maybe then will shit start going right
I wouldn't have to be worried about my moms
Or my sisters and brothers crying about the lights going off
The water and the cable
No more ramen noodles on the dinner table
Every night
To see the their faces tell them its alright
Pray to god hoping for a new start
If I had this one job we would move out the hood
Make enough money so we'd but tooken care of
Maybe write of book for the misunderstood
Help someone who's in the same predicument.if I had this one job I wouldnt care what it was
Just to maintain and never to have to worry again
To think there's Harvard graduates sitting on the corner of M.L.K and Derren .
Nothing to do nowhere to go
If I had this job I'd provide
So they had a place to go
I probally go And hop of wellfare so we never have to use food stamps again
Not give the government another reason to look down on black folks
Show the world that there strength in prayer and hope
Don't get me wrong its not all about the bejamins
I'm just tired of struggling and seeing people making it if I had a job I would thank god because honestly I don't known how I made it this far


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