Spiritual Endurance

Sat, 01/25/2014 - 16:42 -- wierdag


when it breaks it doesn't make a sound
there is no indication of its condition
it just gives in, falling prey
to the repetitive oppression
of day after day after day.
a condition hard to identify
once broken.
it just creeps up
a slow acting poison.
the daily monotony got to me
my efforts became empty
I forgot how to dream
Overwhelmed by relentless negativity
Unbroken it may be 
the most powerful component
in a human being
letting them chase the endless possibilities
it keeps the person going who's
stuck in an unwanted reality
in a present with little good
their focus on the future they can create 
what makes it break
causes a person to give up
stop trying
call it a life?
it could be an oppressive life situation
add a catalyst in the form of
a tragic event
and negative thoughts
what it needs is a
clear grasp on
the power of choice
and an intoxicating future
a spiritual endurance
that heals
a broken spirit


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