Hey Ma?


At dawn she'll sleep forever,
Rest in peace her tortured soul,
Have you ever?
Seen an angel without wings?
"If you love something set it free" ,
Is what I used to believe, Before I Let go of what I Love,
Now she rest only in my dreams,
Have you ever?
Watch the tear fall from ones eye?
With the hopefulness of a once calm sky,
She, Used to stay a block from me, and now its like monopoly,
She couldnt pay the rent, She had to mortgage off some property,
And these nights are getting longer, but no body wants to listen,
Judge us at every instant, and no nothing of where were living,
Tired but our desire is to set fire to oppositions,
In denial, but I ain't dying until everybody gets it,
Have you ever?
Seen the blood of the innocent?
Stain the white surrender flag,
Bathed in America's ignorance,
Have you ever?
Given up?
I made an attempt to catch her, but nothing moves faster than sadness, On the brink of madness,
Rushing, Dashing, All with hopes of catching (her),
Till I followed my little angel all the way to her casket,
Have you ever heard a cage bird sing?
She whispers the most beautiful melodies now...



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