The Demons Inside

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 14:03 -- Angell


Lurking, creeping within the depths of my soul

Yeah, you know like us all, I can - I can pretend they’re invisible, non-existent

But reality is that excuse has grown quite old

They hold dominance in my life

Despite my endless fight to keep them from what’s good and bright

Creatures of such darkness and lowness, yet always seem to cut on through to the light

And every time reaching a new height

I’m losing my might, my will, my little strength to carry on

Accepting what they feed me, taking it in like a nice song

“Nice” though filled with subliminal wrong

Crafted by unconscious, yet conscious money hungry producers

Who are straight gone on Mary Jane stuffed bongs

I long and yearn to get rid of these creatures in me

But no

No exorcism done even by the Pope, head bishop and patriarch of Rome can drive them away

Only I can face them, make them decay

Though they’re eternal inner demons, so a small part will always stay

But hey, even Satan has to deal/put up with his own demons

Just sucks that mine are locked in me stealing my life

That is it though, time to stop this unending collide

I’m suiting up making a new divide

‘Cause I’m taking out the demons

The demons inside


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