Eyes sore, pierced from what I've seen.
Unwanted. Replays of scenes, long finished rewind over and over again. A touch, a sigh, make me feel high, so low, so low. Disgrace. Don't wanna face-so high, so low, so slow... the replays of rewinds of scenes long finished play again in my mind, and it's unwanted. A reminder of what I want, what I don't want, what I can't stand, what I demand. I can't keep doing this, I can't take it. I deny this, I can't fight it. With all my might I delete; rewind unwanted images to it's bleak truth. I'm not supposed to be here. You can't see this. You can't bear me & you still seek it. It's all a lie. You search and find, you blow your mind and you stay alone leaving your strong will behind. You forget who you are and what you stand for & when it's done, I clip the last stitch you sewed last night. Bare your wounds as you watch this, and feel the sin seep deep in your skin. Allow me to creep in, tie you down as you become my slave, you behave like them and you're a bystander. You become one of them, you live at my standard. And you'll come back to me creeping after midnight. In your sheets, do the deed you forget when you're out for the night. And as you wake up, eyes swollen from a vision overdose, you'll remember me, and swear you & I would never come close again. Pierce my soul with your truth, Lord & set me free; for I have chained my own self with these useless deeds. I thought it wouldn't hurt but I couldn't see, that without your Word I would never break free. And I confess all this sin to break off my vicious cycle, of coming and leaving you like a feening psycho. Please, forgive me... I want to forget what I've seen. Heal my memory. I'm begging; I long to be clean. Your love is eternal and your living water is everlasting. With you I can live free, outside you my life is ever binding, never lasting.


Tor Hemen Gar

Speak out! A loud shout!

Deny right and do right!

Overcome wholely, you were made to be holy!

My dear notes, you are more than quotes.

When you learn this, you'll have a good sleep.

Dear, dear, dear, how my God so cares.

You are so strong! Reach out and be one!

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