Societal Norms


United States
41° 54' 8.9388" N, 87° 44' 30.7824" W

Its a shame i'm seeing more coffins then diplomas

More babies, more mothers, no fathers just sperm donors

And life just don't Condon us to reach for those personas that developed into careers with fancy houses and chandlers.

We strive to be the greatest we our drive is to be famous

but we growing up with elders that would rather deprive us then motivate us.

We dying with no resuscitators!!

Here one moment then gone like water vapors...

We live in a world that would get high before it save us

That would KILL before it claim us

As people they could never tame us

And as for me in world of look alikes I struggle for individuality.

I search for my reality im feeling lost in the middle..

Yeah that's where Malcom be

And with these last few words I open my eyes see

I open my mouth breathe

I talk but never speak

When i fade i hope kids resemble me!!!

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