Unlocked Heart

Hooking up with you is the dumbest thing i could do

Cuz you tell me no feelings

But my heart is still slaved to you

I guess you could say i made a deal with the devil

Cuz the way you've been actin' girl you worse than a rebel

You know what they say if you do the crime you do the time

So now my loves got a sentence

Locked up barricaded and shut down with out a mention

Blood sweat and tears

Cuz the only thing a challenge to hope is a little fear

Like how scared i was the day of the storm

Then you said you wouldn't let go and i felt so warm

Safe and secure like a little baby jaguar

Cept only thing was I wasn't a baby you weren't my mother

But the way we were in tune

I could of felt other

Wise enough to know better

Smart enough to know i shouldn't

But too invested to say what ever

My friends called me stupid

My fam said i was crazy

My mind told me they were right

But my heart said i should fight

If you learn what you love

Then you'll love what you learn

So then the love you take

Equals  to the love you make

And therefore will decide your fate



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