The Me in Mean

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 14:47 -- jadd09


I am not who I should be,

The way I put the me in mean,

Hurting those who on me lean,

Lord you must help me.

Being this way, a jerk

To those who look to me,

Lord please set me free,

For this does not work.

I am in fact wholesome inside,

I have goals and dreams to make

This world a better place and take

Nothing, for I desire not pride.

I cannot survive this torture,

I must be the change in the culture.


The world has become a dark place,

Uninviting to those seeking refuge,

A simple friend to help with the deluge

Of insults raining in disgrace.

I must not be a part anymore,

I must be the change, the shelter

That causes our culture to better,

No more with this bullying galore.

Lord I am ready for this task,

I am ready to be who I am,

This wholesome version can

Forever dispose of this mask.

Help me put the me in mean,

The mean on which people can lean.


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