Dreamer's State Of Mind

I tend to find myself staring off into space

Dreaming that everything I pray for, falls into place

Happiness is what I chase

Hear the music, feel the base

Fears are what I face

Its time they be embraced

I’m moving at my own pace

Always got my shoes laced

I think it’s time to take a stand

Be that man

Let my words be heard

My vision is no longer blurred

Now my view of the world is clear

Wipe away the tears

I hope one day all the pain and struggles disappear

But until then,

I'll step up and persevere

You’ve got one shot to do what's right in this life

Always be polite and don’t forget to shine bright

Fight to spread the light

Never let your dreams out of sight

Every single day,

Mine are flowing through my mind

It's hard to move forward when you’re so far behind

All we have is time

Let your actions define the person you want to be

Clean up the debris and move on with the past

Life is what you make it

You’ve got to keep moving even when your feet aching

In the end it'll be worth it, there's no forsaking

Let the pain fade away

I'll bring an end to those cloudy days

No more shades of gray

Let me bring color to your world

Don’t let life slip away

We're all people, we're all the same

Just different faces and different names

In the end, don’t forget


We as people are all that remains.


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