Per Lei

The soft flesh of your ashen, dirt covered cheeks.
The prestine awareness of your immacute perfection. Flawless.
Beauty and Grace and not a hair out of place. Must have been a deity of some sort. Or so I thought.

For how could a creature of such elegance take flight on the wings of a thousand broken forevers, just to taste the toungue flicked snowflakes, How could a human be so you.

Impossible. I thought cupping your cheeks in the abundance of my bruised palms. To gaze upon the scar under your right eye and banish it into the night. For you my dear were the arabesque of light. The lady in the water. Holding the lantern high. I met you at the water's cool edge,

I watched as the icy lake of blue lapped at your fingers as if it was she who drank from you. As if it was life that lived for you. The air glowing like a thousand ice pricked fireflies dancing around you. The sound of your voice resonating like the most beautiful hymn anyone had ever heard. Igniting the burning building that was my chest, as it fiened for the heart inside. So close but so far. And I knew that for me. There was no longer a life before or after you.

With this thought I fell to my knees in awe of you. Unworthy of your transcendent gaze. I adverted my eyes and prayed you away. I feared your power if you chose to stay.

However this time, My cheek, It was your hand on mine. With a slow smile through full lips, hiding two rows of perfectly white teeth. I watched as you wiped the fallen tears that had long since been forgotten and pulled me closer. Wrapping me in everything that you were and I was not. A queen kissing a commoner.

And with one fluid movement you pulled me to my feet. Giving me guidance and blessing the fall that almost destroyed me. You closed my eyes carefully as if to preserve my eyes and when I opened them you were removed from my sight. My heart swelled in the over growth of my sadness. My being threatening to ooze from my body.

But suddenly, In the wake of my despair the forrest erupted with light. I looked up to see your lanterns strung up side by side by side. A passage way to guide me through the night, and as I fell forward to take the first step. I felt the soft weight of your hand in mine,

"Grazi Per lei."

And I knew that everything would be alright.

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