Can we take a moment

Can we take a moment to just stop?

Just stop.

Stop and think.

Think about people.

The people in your life.

How your life is with those people in them.

How your life is without those people in them. 

How your life would be different if those people weren't a part of it.

How would you feel?

Be thankful,

because every person you meet,

every face you look at,

every person you cross paths with, 

and every person you move on without

was there for a reason.

It may not be clear, 

but every single bond you build and relationship you form

teaches you a lesson.

A lesson that I can assure you-- will be unforgettable.


The lesson will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Sadly, the lesson you learn will only come when the bond you've made has broken in two.

But they're there-- the lesson and the person.


So thank you.

Thank you Makenzi for teaching me that some people just use you for kindness.

Thank you Eli for teaching me that the ones who really love you know your limits.

Thank you Tori for teaching me that not all of the friends you have are real ones.

Thank you Xavier for teaching me that depression is a real struggle.

Thank you Brandon for teaching me that there's nothing wrong with being yourself.

Thank you Nathan for teaching me that people really do come around.

Thank you Harley for teaching me that people aren't what's shown on the outside.

Thank you Jaden for teaching me that I shouldn't trust people just because they're nice to me.

Thank you.

I can't get through life without people to guide me.

Some of you may have taught me in the harshest ways, but I'm eternally grateful.

I hope one day you all will realize that I have taught you a lesson or two as well.

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