Isolate yourself

then ask why you're so lonely.

Tell you how I think,

now I feel like a phony.

These poisons were shared

over and over before, 

between you and I, 

this darkness we tore.

Tried to decipher, uncode

the scripts of our mind,

but night after night,

we're still left so blind.

It's self versus self, 

but my heart is so tired.

Perhaps there is no puzzle,

our brains are hard-wired.

As sleep becomes mocking,

lay overridden with exhaust.

Haunting silence comes knocking,

and now you feel lost.

Earphones in; volume up

as your favorite band sings.

The Pain or the Mindest,

which one actually stings?

But neither do

'cause you're so fucking numb.

3 cuts on your wrist,

oh god, you're so dumb.

You lay there engulfed 

with thoughts that scream 'die',

but you're just drowning with want,

and desire to feel 'alive',


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