We Could Have Been Great

Dear First Love,


With words left unsaid,

and feelings left unexplored,

I try to rest my head,

as sleep goes ignored.


We were two young kids with the world at our feet.

Causing mischief as all children do,

without fear, we roamed the streets.

Back when it was just me and you.


Side by side, we thought we had it all,

not even thinking about the inevitable fall.


In my young eyes, you were the sun,

with your pretty blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

But we grew older, and you were always a fast one.

Running from your problems and unwilling to hear my cries. 


And now here we are.

Two young teens no longer walking side by side.

Instead going on our own paths, going far.

Far enough so we could pretend not to remember what we both denied.


No longer were we the fearless kids. No we, yearned.

We both knew what was forbidden.

And so we burned. 

Burned our feelings and we decided to keep the ashes hidden. 


You feared judgment.

And I feared for you. 

After all, out of the two us, you were so fragile and innocent.

Praying for forgiveness for even the temptation that was such a taboo.


You know, in another life we could have been great.

I know this to be true.

But now all this is too late.

And so I bid you adieu.




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