The Shadows

I differ in home than I do in school, in stores, in Restaraunts; in places out of home.
When it comes to school, the strong love and affection I Feel for my friends, my adoration, hide within my Bodies' boundaries.
What is shown to my people is happiness and joy along With appreciation and thankfulness.
Only partial truths.
As it comes time to go home, thoughts and feelings I Have for one or multiple individuals begin to fly around Inside my skull.
Regrets float within and wishes that some actions Never occurred.
Other mentalities come around claiming I should have Told the one I love I find desperation to recover where We once left off.
But, of course, nerves say, "you are not strong enough To tell she."
So when it comes to how I differ when I am not a Participant of the public, I sit in a place where silence Is sought and ponder and wonder how my day would Have differed had I been able to express my thoughts And emotions to all.
My room is my Shadow.
How a Shadow is dark and pitch-black is how my room Sits.
Darkness assists me relieve of constant and Consistant deliberations and compunctions of the day Or even long, continuous memories that haunt me.
The Shadow is me.
How it keeps silence has equalilty with my actions.
For shall it talk only when there is no interactions.
Life in the public hides I very well.
Life "behind the curtain" and out of the public explains Absolutely all of me.


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