The Swing that Cradles Me

I walk 15 minutes to find you when I'm sad.
Though it's very rare I find myself feeling this bad.
In cold weather, I'll find you, while I'm jacket-clad.
If I find you taken by another, I'm rather mad.

You rest in a place mostly little kids visit.
Left swaying back and forth as kids jump off you to test their limits.
I always feared that one day you'd send me past the bar and over it.
But for now you're swaying perfectly so I'll just sit.

You make me feel like I can fly.
You give me exhilaration from feeling like I could die.
Is here really the safest place for me to cry?
Your metal links hold me close as if in reply.

I'm pained by the laughter and screaming.
Although I knew, with children, this place would be teeming.
I slide on my headphones and turn my music to blaring.
Now the world is still and I feel less caring.

The music comes to life in my ears.
The slick slides are replaced with vivacious vibes.
The games of tag are tethered with rhythmic rhymes.
The jungle gym is gone with the singers silky squeal.
The beat bumps my heart into briefly beating in time.
I forget myself and accidentally drop my headphones in the grime.

My phone's alarm goes off and I fear the worse.
It signals that it's late and time to return on my course.
I glance at the sunset and wish I had a horse.
But it matters not so I pick up my headphones and toss them into my purse.

I push the swing away from me as it's time to say goodbye.
It pushes back as if it too longs to stay by my side.
But I'll come back when life's sour lemons get in my eye.
Because sometimes it's hard to make lemonade when all you want to do is cry.

But today I got to soar and fly through the sky!
And not a single bit of dirt got kicked into my eye!
No one stole you from me, they didn't even try!
So you're what makes me happy, that's not even a lie....

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