To lose

Losing a friend isnt instant,

The memories linger,

And the what if's become unbearable.


The guilt sets in at sunrise,

And the grief chokes you at sunset.


You dont just lose them and go on

You continue to lose them over and over again

Everytime you bump into something that reminds you of them 

Or hear a noice that calls you to them.

Or feel the absence that once was filled with them.


Its almost as if their presence had been imprinted into your mind

Like screaming wolf that no one finds,

Its like losing everything and finding everything combined.

Wishing for clouser so you confide,

In the journal that your mind reminds,

the ghost of your memories and the spirits of your requests declined,

Becomes clear to you that you cant just rewind.


Forced to live without,

To live in drought 

and in constant doubt

to scream and shout

from inside and out

and throughout 

Your living days

spending your time caving away 

in decay.




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