Pink Floyd's Whipping Boy


Very well groomed, always clean

Unkept, unshaven, and periodically obscene

Focused, driven, and ready to work

Distracted, halted, forever needing a job

I am the man with which you would share your life story

I am the man you are shunning and discard without care

My momentum always forward, I will never lose stride.

The lies surrounding my truth, my unique facade

The voices won't stop, nor will the delusions

My world is erratic, just one large illusion

If reality's what's real, and truth's what's true

This world I see, has never seen you

I took the path less traveled, to discover I was followed

It is this mental torture, of which I have wallowed

Words leave my lips, hours behind my mind

always racing, never pacing, too fast to find

Unsure whether I've lost my wits, or whether they've lost me

This 'reality' we live in, full with perplexity

And so I'll out-hum my voices, a cheerful tune to you

The curtain between us, ever out of view.


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