Let It Burn




There’s no possible way to avoid it

It dwells within us like loss

No way to escape a fucked up world

Hardly ever getting the luck of the toss

Can almost taste how bitter I’ve become

often mistaken for trying to be boss


Silently hoping to be blown away

Want it quick, but let it burn

As this life fades away


The weight of the world presses down

Different suffering seen in my stance

Fighting back, jaw clenched tight

Only anger seen at first glance

Dealing my way through

Inhale.. Exhale…Wanting to dance


Yet each move performed in slow motion

All other life passes in an over whelming haze

Life’s a bitch, we try avoiding her gaze

Some by saying it can only go up from here

look her in the eyes, and this suffering isn’t a phase


With life long pain, we enjoy temporary contentment

Experiencing life with a different state of mind

In a full sprint trying to keep up to speed

Yet life passes by and I fall behind


Lost inside this world of pain

Searching within past the exterior

In constant battle with our world’s pressure

Trying anything to feel superior

In life, we are meant to feel its burn

To search for answers in a continuous maze

Decisions are made setting our path

Only once life ends can we escape life’s blaze


I have felt life’s intensity

Yet seen past the excessive haze

Seen a new side to this world of hate

Turned numb, lost feeling of the burn

From the constant pain of my physical and emotional state


True happiness is only appreciated due to pain

Struggle is life, often being showered in lies

What’s important is knowing your truth

Having faith in an eternal happiness once life dies

It is then we can feel the most glorious high

Knowing the reason behind the tears in children’s eyes

Eventually pain will fade, our souls may fly

Once our suffering is able to make us wise



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