What’s the meaning of life 
Does anyone truly know
Is it all about finding someone 
Or exploring it on your own

Going through trials and tribulations 
Similar like an emotional rollercoaster 
We have our ups we have our downs 
We fight our demons 
We learn to stand our own ground 

The world can be an ugly place 
Brainwashing people
Thinking they need to change 

And what you see on tv
It’s literally picture perfect 
But are they truly happy ?
Is it all worth it ?

If you peel back the layers 
Take a deeper look  
Beyond the fakeness & the materialistic
There is a hook

In fact 
The beauty is in the eye of the beholder
It doesn’t exist on its own
It’s created by the observer 

Life is an adventure 
Who knows who will cross your path 
Whether you’re soul searching, looking for a lover, you don’t need a map

To guide you wherever you want to go 
Because everyday
You do grow
Whether it’s mental physical or spiritual 

Let’s not forget the misfits
The people that are being judged...

By the color of their skin, religion, or sexual orientation  
The ones that are not loved 

All beautiful
All have kind souls 
I just hope they know 
They are not battling this fight alone  

And that they are strong  
And they are the ones that make this world go round 
Being hurt 
Being in pain 
But you will never see them frown 

If you take a step back and just see   
The ones that give without a second thought
& will still give their heart 
To any human being
Those are the ones 
That truly inspire me

Life’s a mystery 
It keeps you wondering what’s the purpose 
No one will truly know..
Just watch and observe it 

While you’re taking it all in 
Find out what keeps your flame going 
What influences you the most 
Don’t be afraid of the unknowing - CLG 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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