A Man's Virtue


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A man's courage is a product of a man's desire.
A man's strength is synonymous with long lasting fire.

To live and to love makes man want to inspire.
Because to live and to love makes a man soar even higher.

To work hard and to bear makes a man realize the effort
Because struggle and plight make a man tougher than leather

To hate and despise makes a man realize his crimes.
Because the bitter sweet beauty of his anger will be his demise.

A man should be light on his feet but heavier in the wind.
A man should help defeat the enemy of his friend.
A man should honor the feeling of love before lust,
and A man should know that patience and righteousness are a must.

A man should awaken himself as well as his brothers.
A man should show everlasting love to his mother.
A man should honor and care for those who love him,
and A man should pay homage to the almighty being above him

To walk and to run let a man test his pace,
Because a man who stands still is not in the right place.

To strive and to prosper lets a man know that he survived,
Because negativity will not delay a man if he has already arrived.

To conquer and behold lets a man know what he's accomplished,
Because the aftermath of roughness let's man know that he's polished.

A man's humbleness is a product of his experience.
and a Man's healthy family shows that he IS experienced.



I truly do feel enlightened after reading your poem. The sincerity in your words is apparent beyond all measures! You're tempo is constant and rhyme pattern is smooth. I have nothing but praise!

ewilliams15, you're incredibly talented!

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