Arguing With Your Adictions

Fight it,

Come on,

Fight it,

I'm better than this,


Softly addictions whisper to me,

Late at night when I'm all alone,

But I'm tired of giving in,

I'm tired of abusing myself,

These drugs,

These drinks,

These... blades,


Not again,

Never again,

Not tonight,

You will not persuade me,

You are nothing more than my crutch,

And for my own good I need to kick you to the curb.


But you fight back,

You tell me I need you,

I can't cope without you,

I can't survive this harsh world alone,


I'm not alone,

I just feel like it,

Loneliness creeps into my brain,

Maybe I am alone...

At least for the moment,

But that's not a reason to let you in my veins,


Not now,

Now that I have hope,

Now that I have friends,

Now than I have love,




You can't trick me,

I don't need you,

Deep down I still want it...

That is true,

But I refuse to give into the lust of temptation,


I want to get clean,

I need to get clean,

I'll fight for this,

I will succeed,


For you are holding me back,

My goals are out of reach because of you,

My life is wasted because of you,

I realize detox is harsh,

I realize detox is even risky,

But no where near as risky as using,


You say I won't make it,

That I'm nothing without you,

That I'm weak, pathetic even,


Don't underestimate me,

I don't quit and I don't run,

You can act tough all you want,

You addictions aren't going to scare me,




I don't care if I do get stuck as an outcast for the rest of my life,

I'll still achieve my dreams on day,

I may be clueless and have nothing going for me,

But I have guts,

And my determination,


You say this is my last chance to run home to you,

You say giving in is the easy thing to do,

You say if I don't I'll have to fight my way through,

Even risk my life to stand up to you,


If this is my last chance then this is what I have to say,


No way,

I don't go back on my word,

I said I'd never give in, 

I said I'd stop using you as my strength,


You are evil,

I am human,

You are pain,

I am alive,


You will not kill me,

I've given into you for long enough,

Its time to stop,


You are just my addictions,

And I am a complex person,


You need me,

Not the other way around.


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