There's nothing they can do

Did you ever wondered

Why am I still alive?

As you cried yourself to sleep

Or as you wake up in your bed

Or in a hospital bed.


How many times did you thought of just giving up?

Or to just end it all?


Have you ever wondered

What will happen after I die?

Well let me tell you


Your mom will get suspicious as to why

you're not coming out of the bathroom or your room.

She will force the door open

only to find you asleep

but you're not sleeping

You're dead

And there's nothing they can do to bring you back.

The paramedis will come

They'll take your body to the morgue

because there's nothing they can do to bring you back.

Your body will be then sent to the funeral home

Your family will mourn you

But your mother will blame your death on herself

And she'll cry over you

Miss you

And then she'll bury you

And cry even more because

She forgot to tell you that she loves you

That she never meant to hurt you


But if she had found you before?

The paramedics will try to do everything to keep you breathing.

And when they arrive to the hospital

They'll rush you, unconcious, to the ER.


The doctors and nurses will rush everywhere

They will do everything they can to keep you alive

But if you're slowly slipping away from their hands

They will beg you to stay with them

To fight


But if you die right in front of their eyes

They will still try to do everything they can to keep you alive

Until there's no point in it.


They will stop

To mourn your death.


They will clean your body

before putting it in a bag

And send you to wherever your body will go

And then they will go about through the day

With your death still present in their minds.


Don't let your worse take over.

Your absence will not be a relief to anyone

but an empty, hollow, and missing space.

There is so much ahead of you

Even if you can't see a tomorrow

But look forward to that little smile someone will give you





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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