Love. Faith. Hope.

I know that I have problems
I know it's not your fault.
And that on every wound you ever had
I poured on salt
I always say forgive me
But I never really change
And I always say I'm sorry
But I'm never really fased.

I hate it when I do this
And lose my self esteem
Because it makes me question you
Which makes you question me
And even when I try hard
It lasts no longer than a week
You deserve so much better
Then someone that's this weak.

The guilt and fear and hurt that's near
Whenever you're around
I struggle for the right words
But I never make a sound
And every time you ever try to open up to me
I say you're wrong with where I've gone
And how bad I can be.

In any other couple
In any one country
That would be the one thing
That breaks off everything
The love and laughs
The good times past
And all that's in between
Would be replaced with
Saving face and
Lust, anger, and greed.

So the question that I'm asking
With no offense at all
Is that the happiness we're lacking
May be our great downfall
And that if that's where we're headed,
What are we to do?
Because despite all of this fight
I truly do love you.


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