Brown Cow: A Tribute to Poets

How now brown cow?


Do you wear your crown when they hate your brown?

How now when no one is around?

Do you still frown? Still feel down?

Neglected? Unheard?

Like your voice don’t sound?


Don’t let them steal your moo and sell it back to you,

Craft it and carve it till your art speaks true,

Possess it and hold it, let them misconstrue,

So long as your words paint your view,

Set your voice free from the fence they locked you in,

Let expression be the key, silence a sin,


Let verses fill your heart when the cold stings, 

How dare they believe you won’t say a thing?

While ordained with the gift to create the unseen,

Anointed with the power to write in a greener green,


Brown cow, your pen makes you royalty,

Your breathe a subscription to loyalty,

Leave them dazed as you graze,

Moved by your ways,

Touched by your rays,


Put your hoof down and make them hear your vows,

How now when you disallow?

Let them know you write the rules now,

Wear your crown when they hate your brown, 


Vow now brown cow.


(This poem is reversible and can be read backwards)


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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