A Child's Perspective of the Holocaust

My mom says we have to leave our home to a new special places for Jews like us. I don't really understand what she means. We only get to bring a few things but strange men are yelling at us to hurry up. I decide to bring my giraffe. My dad gave it to me before he went away. Mom said that he went to a special place too, but, she said it was a different special place than the one we are going to. I really miss him, I hope I get to see him soon but mom says that won't happen. My sister is crying I try to hug her but  I don't think she wants a hug right now. I think those men are hurting my mom but before I can say anything one of them picks me up but I squirm and he hits me. It hurt a lot and they stuffed me and my mom and my sister in a van with a whole bunch of other people. My sister is still crying and my mom doesn't know what to do. I wish dad was here, he always knew what to do. They put numbers on my arm, it hurt really bad. My mom and my sister got one too but they are different. I'm really hungry, mom keeps trying to give me her food but I tell her no. She looks really tired. There's other little kids here too but mom says not to talk to them, I don't know why. It's been a few days and I want to go home. I hate this place. Mom still isn't eating and she looks really tired. My sister just stares at the wall all day, she doesn't do anything, I think she's scared. One of the men hit me, my mom tried to yell at them and they hurt her, a lot. I tried to tell the men to stop hurting her but they just laughed. 


My mom told me. She said that we might die. My sister left, mom said she went to a new camp. Mom wont eat and she doesn't look to good, she's starting to get really skinny and so am I. It’s getting hard to sleep. Its getting so overcrowded that me and my mom have to be squished. Mom got a letter today. She wouldn't let me see it. When she read it she wouldn't stop crying. I think my sister might have gone to the special place with dad. I think I know what the special place is now. Mom couldn't get up today, She's so skinny now. She talked to one of the other ladies that had kids and she started crying and the lady held her. I'm really scared. I want to go home but mom said we can't. The lady wouldn't let me see my mom today. She said that she would be watching me for a little while. My hair started falling out, the lady said its okay but I want my hair back. I'm so hungry. The men are so mean, I asked for more food but the hit me and laughed even though mom told me never to ask for more I was still so hungry. I'm starting to see my bones now. The lady won't tell me why, when I ask she just cries and says that she's sorry that I have to go through this. The ladies husband and boy went to the special place today, she's so sad and I feel bad. They hit her for crying. I want to go to the special place too. 


Today, I went to the special place. I saw my mom, my dad, and my sister there too. I am finally happy now. Its really nice here. I hope we never have to leave like we left our house. My told me what was going on. I'm glad that we're safe now.    

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