Not who people think


28° 36' 19.0296" N, 77° 23' 23.496" E
28° 36' 19.0296" N, 77° 23' 23.496" E

Don’t all people hide behind curtains?
Ones that appear physical, invisible,
Some even palpable.

But humans don’t exist as they do in minds;
they act differently than the way you think them to.
People tend to materialize travesty.

Surfeited teenagers,
Many can go carousing all night.
Would you judge them?

What if they’re the kid,
Who lends you their binder and notes
In that one class you’ve taken alone?

How about the depressed?
Abused by the world,
And appalled of everything in it.

Although their ambivalent feelings do perplex,
I know of many with captivating smiles,
hoping for serendipity.

Stereotypical cheerleaders, with
Rumors about her that spread like wildfire,
Everyone knows her name and stories.

Would she cleave to her eleven year old stuffed animal, and have
Her voice chiming like a knell when she founded out that
In her favorite anime that the OPT finally kissed?

A lesson many should learn,
Don’t judge others by their appearance
Or actions or words.

Instead, invest in their thoughts.
Listen to their stories and look
at what they could hide behind their curtains. 


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