Leaving Home

Can I try to escape from

All my nightmares and demons

Soon this era will be done

The truth of time is too blunt

To not cut like a sharp knife

These ones want to take my life

I run from the fear inside

None said too much to confide

Lies in your eyes memorize

The view from the cold outside

Where I got lost in my mind

The rhymes will eat me alive

If they don’t spill from my eyes

Where my thoughts hold them so tight

Breathing in the hazy sights

Now I’m squinting in the light

Liquor leaves it all too bright

Sicker cause I lost the fight

Whisper louder in the night

Crisper theories might prolapse

I’m too stuck on things that passed

All the nightmares that elapsed

All these unseen scars do last

Futility will relapse

In about a week I’m back

In my dreams I still collapse

The signs seem to fill too fast

But in wake my words are lapsed

Before they can pass my lips

Smoke slips past my fingertips

I dreamt my mom slit my wrist

I lost my grip and time ripped

Away from me in pity

For the bitter atrophy

Of trust in humanity

sublimity only seen

reality is not free

I’m still eating raging screams

Caught in my throat painfully

I’ll be waiting patiently

To get away from this place

I must escape that old face

That is always far too near

Can you hear it? here comes fate

Soon I’ll leave for my own sake

I’ll go out to Chicago

Where I know no-one but me

Where I’m free to be lonely

I’m just bones that paint their soul

My words sometimes lose control

Folding into twisting roads

Filled with pot-holes, leading home

Good bye to the sea below

Rain and wind dance down to me

Darkness wished for sounds to see

Concrete found greed in our steps

Songs that speak loud bleed regret

Maunder on till nothings left

Spinning deftly into death


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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