I had met with an angel.

Here's what he had said:

Love me forever, and it costs but one small thing

a life, fleeting

a soul-less little thing

your soul I ask to bring.

I had met with that angel

to bring my thing to bring

he accepted. Doubtlessly


all that was met to he.

I left that then angel

with one-less life to lead

I'll be fine

I'll be sure

to make another life instead

one's head is made up so easily.

I can never take it back

the thing I chose to bring

But the angel, I had met

with whom I had slept

made it easy , quite easy

For me to forget

Why a life i chose to leave

I left so suddenly

No gifts for the dearly departed memories

no turn to turn around

no light to see 

nor ear to hear

my soul-less life


Shamedly, Silently.



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