Steel wrapped in velvet

At first glance you might tag me as the nice guy who always smiles and waves, but I think I give you some insight behind the mask today. Anyone who knows me close knows sometimes that smile is a facade covering up what's really going on. It's like what they say right? Grin and bear it and keep living life.... But honestly I don't know how much longer I can keep living through this strife. Thank God for my good friends I don't know where I'd be without them, they never left my side even when arguments turned to shouting. But I digress, yes my friends are the best but I'm sure you're wondering who I am.
I am a fighter, but not the arrogant kind, the one who fights for someone who's been treated out of line. I'm a caring person my heart overflows with love that needs to be shown to others because honestly this world is pretty cold. I'm lover of music and rhymes which is why I spend my time devoted to these pages and letters trying to perfect the flow and make them shine. You know I guess I'm alot of things but, at the end of day I'm just a young man. Steel wrapped in velvet, soft yet strong all the time.


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